5 Activities to Survive the End of the Year Chaos!

Testing is over and the end of the year is almost here! We know how exciting this time of the year is for you and your students. However, it’s also one of the most hectic times of the year. Between the end of the year events, concerts, field trips, assessments, and preparing your room for the summer; there is always so much to be done! As teachers, we still want to create meaningful memories for our students even in the midst of all of the chaos. 

Here are 5 ideas you can use to help survive the end of the year:

1. Try Out Themed Activities Kids love themes and being able to get into character makes doing work so much more fun. This is also a great way to implement room transformations. There are so many options on TPT. Some possible themes are: camping, beach day, boot camp, circus, etc. We created a week-long, cross-curricular Secret-Agent themed unit that is print and go. Check out our printable and digital versions below.

“My kids loved the activities and asked for more. It was a great non-stressful activity!”

Count Down with a Balloon Pop We all know that the end of the year tends to bring out some of the more...impulsive behaviors in students😉. A balloon pop is a great way to not only count down the number of days of school left, but also encourage good choices. Implementing this classroom management strategy is easy. We usually do it for the last ten days of school. Put a slip with a reward inside of each balloon. After you have blown them up, tape the balloons somewhere around the room. Each morning you will write a word like POP or BALLOON on the board. If the students misbehave they can lose a letter. However, if they have at least one letter left by the end of the day, they get to pop the balloon. Then they will get to do the reward the following day. This is super motivating for students and they will be so excited to see what is inside the balloon each day.

3. Use Technology to Reflect on the Year The end of the year is a great time for students to reflect on things they have learned and ways that they have grown. Kids are so comfortable with technology, especially now that many have experienced distance learning. Using website platforms, such as Flipgrid, is a great way for them to be able to share and reflect. This website and app allows your students to easily record videos to one location that can be accessed by the teacher or other students. Have your students fill out these surveys with information about themselves and the school year.

4. Put on a Talent Show Students love to be the star of the show. Allow them to showcase their talents and amazing abilities with a talent show. This requires no prep on your part. Simply set up a time and have the students sign up with what talent they would like to share. Then enjoy the show! You can even do a digital talent show if you’re doing virtual learning. Use Padlet or Flipgrid for students to record their talent and post for classmates to view. 

5. Create a Memento Have students complete a cute scrapbook to record their memories from their school year. When they are finished, students will have a great memento that they can keep for years to come. They will get to share about their friends, their teacher, favorite memories, etc. This is also an easy virtual activity for students to complete digitally. Click below to grab a FREE copy of our Digital Editable End of the Year Scrapbook.

We hope that these ideas help you to survive the last few days of the school year. Hang on, you’re almost done!!!

Free Escape Room Activity for the Classroom

Have you ever tried doing a breakout challenge with your students using locks, boxes, codes, and blacklights? While all of that sounds fun and engaging for students in theory; in reality, it can be very stressful for the teacher. Setting it up and organizing the tasks, making sure that the locks are set correctly--all of this can be overwhelming. After we experienced this with our students, we decided to simplify the process. We came up with an escape room challenge that didn’t need any complicated props, but still had the same engagement for kids! Read on to find out more about our escape room challenges and get a free one to try out in your classroom!

One of the things that we love about doing our escape rooms with students are that they are quick and easy to set up. All you need is a printer and occasionally a few supplies. Each breakout game starts by setting the stage with the mission or mystery. Then students need to work collaboratively to solve 4 or 5 challenges. These challenges are cross-curricular and allow students to practice many different skills, including critical thinking. Each time they solve a challenge they get closer to “breaking out”. You can feel the energy and excitement in the classroom as the students are working.

See what this educator said about one of our escape room challenges:

“My students LOVED this activity!!! I loved it too because it was a great review of math fact fluency, elapsed time, word problems, and reading a grid with directions.  I think the best part of it was that my kids really had to critically think when doing the activities.  For example the elapsed time clue didn't just tell them who it was they had to determine who had enough time to commit the crime.  Very, very well put together! I'll be looking for more of these types of activities from this seller.

When we switched to remote learning, we wanted to continue the fun of the breakout games that our students loved so much, so we made digital versions. The students can still have the excitement of completing the challenges while working alone, or they can work in virtual groups.

Ready to try an escape room in your classroom? Click below to try our Secret Agent Breakout Game for FREE!

You can also grab the Escape Room Bundle and Digital Escape Room Bundle below.

We hope your students love completing these challenges as much as ours do!