TPT Challenge Week 3- Make Your Masterpiece

We’re back with week 3 of the TPT Seller Challenge. We’re linking up to show off our Masterpiece.

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Testing. One little word that fills teachers around the world with dread. The reality of education today seems to be more and more focused on testing. Think about how much time you devote to testing in your classroom. In our classes, we attend professional development for THE TEST, have staff meetings about THE TEST, learn how to navigate the computer program to administer THE TEST, introduce the computer program to the students for THE TEST, and practice for THE TEST. Not to mention all the time it takes students to actually take THE TEST.

Another huge problem we ran into was the lack of engagement and interest our students showed when it came time to practice and prepare for testing. We knew that we had to find something our students were interested in and use it to help them prepare.

We found our answer in pirates! We created this comprehensive unit, and have used it in our own classrooms for several years, with great success! Our students loved learning about pirates and it offered us the opportunity to review important concepts and teach helpful testing strategies at the same time.

We took the word PIRATES and created this acronym to teach our students important test taking strategies:
P-Prepare to succeed
I-Inspect the directions
R-Read the text and questions carefully
A-Ask yourself if it’s a “Thinker” or “Right There” answer
T-Think about what the question is asking
E-Examine the text for evidence
S-See if you answered all parts of the question

We’ve also included complete lessons for 10 concepts that are often included in a reading standardized test. Each lesson is paired with a pirate themed book to encourage student engagement.

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